Orchids in Bloom – May 2020 | Orchid Houseplants for your wishlist!

Today it is time to look back over the month of May and see what Orchids were in bloom.. and not only! Here are some care tips as well!
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1. Neofinetia falcata ‘Nishidemiyako’ learn how to make the Japanese moss mound here https://youtu.be/KPHs-k56UYc

2. Neofinetia falcata ‘Kibana’, should have been yellow, maybe mislabeled 🙁

3. Dendrobium farmeri ‘alba’, mislabeled but very pretty! Learn about Calista Dendrobiums https://www.aos.org/orchids/orchids-a-to-z/letter-d/den-sec-callista.aspx

4. Vanda Mimi Palmer, smells like honeysuckle and sugar! Learn how to care for Vandas https://youtu.be/0azzxh8CuOM

5. Cattleya Chester, a tinier version of a Cattleya!

6. Maxillaria tenuifolia, the coconut Orchid, here is a care tutorial https://youtu.be/oeEPAMTST3M

7. Cattleya purpurata, quite the big plant, but the blooms are big too! Learn how to care for Cattleyas here https://youtu.be/vgHaLpN7nb4

8. Colmanara Hocus Pocus, here is an Oncidium care tutorial https://youtu.be/4Euo76PwRuU

9. Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz ‘White’, takes very similar care to Oncidiums, just not as vigorous.

10. Oncidium Heaven Scent ‘Redolence’, I cannot get enough of this chocolate scent!

11. Oncidium NoID, here is me repotting 10 Oncidiums in one go https://youtu.be/xvAg9yY2iew

12. Dendrobium Yellow Magic Festival, learn how to care for nobile dendrobium types here https://youtu.be/0jlJbl7npOk

14. Dendrobium Comet King Akatsuki, one of my oldest orchids, over 7 years in my care

15. Miltoniopsis Breathless Variety, these are not beginner orchids! learn more about them here https://youtu.be/SqC6-GmEDn0

16. Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Anaconda ‘Yaphon’, one of my favorites! Learn about the novelty hybrids here https://youtu.be/FJS5AestO3Y

17. Phalaenopsis I-Hsin The Big Bang, woaaaw! What to do after the flowers fall on a Phalaenopsis? learn here https://youtu.be/mHDoyH0tRYc

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Music: Origami (Without You) (Instrumental Version) – Revel Day
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